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Donor Egg Program

At the egg donation center, another woman is the egg donor. The donor is chosen after a detailed medical evaluation and relevant investigations. The donor undergoes IVF stimulation followed by ovum pick up. The donor’s eggs are fertilized with the recipient’s husband’s sperm. The resultant embryos are then transferred to the suitably prepared uterus of the recipient. Dr L H Hiranandani hospital has a team of the best fertility specialists

  • Donor Egg program is one of the programs with the highest success rate during IVF pregnancy treatment
  • Proper pre-IVF evaluation selection of the best possible donor and proper preparation of the endometrial lining give the best results.

It is a program with one of the best success rates in IVF pregnancy treatment.

It is a very useful modality of treatment in women with low ovarian reserve (low AMH), Poor antral follicular count.

It is also very useful in multiple failed IVF Cycles where the quality of oocytes was not good in the previous failed cycles.

It is also very useful in women where there is a possibility of transmission of genetic diseases.

In this program, a young woman with proven fertility is chosen as the egg donor after a detailed evaluation. She undergoes an IVF cycle and her oocytes are used to form embryos that are then transferred to the uterus of the woman with subfertility. Hence one of the highest success rates can be achieved by this program.

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