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Selecting the Top Surrogacy Hospital is an important choice for couples looking for help becoming parents. DR L H Hiranandani Hospital is the pinnacle of surrogacy services excellence in Mumbai. It is renowned for its unwavering dedication to compassion, state-of-the-art technology, and moral behavior.

A group of extremely knowledgeable and compassionate reproductive specialists, embryologists, and support personnel who are committed to offering individualized care are the foundation of the center’s success. The center offers prospective parents the best chances of success thanks to its cutting-edge facilities that are furnished with the newest developments in reproductive medicine.


A boon in cases where the uterus is absent, distorted, or damaged and is incapable of carrying a pregnancy or in women where multiple IVF failure or multiple miscarriages have occurred. It is also useful in women who are born without a uterus or who have had surgical removal of the uterus due to various causes like cancer, severe postpartum hemorrhage in the previous pregnancy. It is also useful in women who have medical problems like heart disease, kidney failure, etc where carrying a pregnancy could be life-threatening

The term Surrogacy is used when a woman carries a pregnancy and gives birth to a baby for another woman. The Surrogate carries the pregnancy and is genetically not linked to the child.

Who Uses Surrogates?

If you are a woman, you may consider a surrogate for several reasons:

  • Health issues about your uterus
  • Your uterus was removed during a hysterectomy.
  • You have medical conditions, like severe heart disease, that make pregnancy unsafe or impossible for you.

If you tried several assisted reproduction methods, including IVF, but were unable to conceive, you might want to consider surrogacy.

Additionally, surrogates have given those who might not be able to adopt a child—due to their age or marital status, for example—the option of becoming parents.

Why Choose Surrogacy at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital?

We are the best surrogacy center in Mumbai.

At Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, we have

  • The high volume of patients – We deliver the largest number of surrogates for a single hospital in Mumbai
  • Facilitation of the birth certificate – The process of obtaining a birth certificate is systematically placed so that the application and processing are done in the shortest possible time.

NABH accredited & ISO certified Hospital – The rules and protocols are in place and they are strictly followed according to standard operating procedures. This provides standardization to all the procedures we do and helps in maintaning strict quality control.

Facilities Available For Surrogacy

  • Being the best surrogacy hospital in Mumbai, we provide all treatments & facilities under one roof – Investigations, ICSI cycle, etc., and all types of medical procedures for the surrogate antenatal check-ups, delivery, neonatal care post-delivery pediatric care and guidance, are provided in the Hospital. There is no need of stepping out of the hospital at all.
  • Full-time obstetricians with waste experience available 24 hours.
  • The NICU is equipped with advanced tools to handle very small, preterm babies and all the complexities associated with prematurity.
  • A completely equipped hi-tech OT setup similar to international standards opens day and night to handle emergencies.
  • 24 hrs radiology department/USG facilities.
  • 24 hrs NABH Accredited blood bank and casualty services.
  • 24 hours of NABL Accredited pathology laboratory.
  • Webcam facility available – We are available to talk to you at a predetermined date and time so that we can have a direct discussion as if you are doing a consultation with us. You can explain all your uncertainties personally rather than by mail.
  • High success rate with nearly nil preterm deliveries – This is because of the precise care in choosing the surrogate as well as the care taken during the pregnancy period. She is managed as a high-risk pregnancy with two experienced obstetricians taking care of her.
  • Various methods like cervical length monitoring by transvaginal sonography & antibiotic and probiotic treatment during pregnancy to prevent preterm labor- These new methods of monitoring have effectively eradicated preterm delivery, the most dreaded complexity of pregnancy. We have offered papers on these innovative methods at various Conferences and they have gained due recognition.
  • Optimization of pregnancy outcome – At our IVF center in Powai we understand that the success rate of IVF/ICSI treatment depends on pre-IVF evaluation. E.g. If there is a lower ovarian reserve, then we give some medications before IVF to improve the ovarian reserve and then try IVF. This provides a high success rate. Thus, all male and female factors are assessed before going for the actual cycle.
  • Hence high IVF success rates with high surrogacy success rates give us the best results.
  • Extended embryo culture / Blastocyst transfer– The quality of a laboratory is an asset by the number of blastocyst transfers. Our best surrogacy hospital in Mumbai has a laboratory that is completely equipped with all the latest, state-of-the-art technology and expertise which delivers us a high fertilization rate and we do blastocyst transfer in around 70% of the patients.
  • Blood flow monitoring – It is a unique concept in the science of infertility. It is like seed and soil. When you sow the seed under the soil and give water, that water has to percolate the soil and reach the seed; otherwise, the seed will not grow into a plant. Thus, if the blood flow does not enter the inner lining of the uterus, the embryo will not receive nutrition and will not implant, or if it implants may lead to missed abortion. Endometrial perfusion gives an exact noninvasive assay of uterine receptivity that may be used to predict implantation success rate. We choose only those surrogates who have healthy blood flow, therefore, increasing the success rates.
  • Advice on Breast-Feeding – We advise a biological mother regarding breastfeeding.
  • Personal & Human Touch – The compassion, the personal touch, and the care that we offer for both the surrogate and the biological mother makes our program different and unique.

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