The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes in IVF Success



The majority of the couples have previously attempted and failed IVF at other clinics. Before they begin a cycle with us at the best IVF hospital in Mumbai, we must consider everything that could influence the outcome. Aside from underlying medical issues, which we will investigate and develop a treatment plan for, lifestyle and diet can have a significant impact on how well IVF works. As a result, we offer a great diet and lifestyle assessment to anyone who comes to us for IVF.

Why should you follow a diet plan provided at the Best IVF Center in Mumbai?

A healthy diet is always important, but it is especially important during the IVF process due to the strong link between your health and the health of your eggs. There are many factors that contribute to the success of IVF treatment, and one of the few that you can control is your diet. Following a specific and personalized diet plan prescribed at the best IVF hospital in Mumbai and living a healthy lifestyle can improve fertility and increase your chances of success with IVF. You want to focus on eating well-balanced meals, but you also don’t want to make any drastic changes during this time. A diet plan can help you choose which foods to eat so that you know you’re eating nutrient-rich foods that will help you achieve your fertility goals.

What does the best IVF diet should contain?


Protein can boost the production of hormones and eggs, both of which are required for IVF to work. Eat enough protein every day before your IVF cycle to ensure that your body responds optimally to embryo transfer and ovulation induction.

Fresh fruits & vegetables

Fruits, as the saying goes, are nature’s candy. If you didn’t already know, you do now. Organic, fresh fruits can satisfy your sweet tooth while also providing you with much-needed nutrients. Similarly, eating fresh, healthy vegetables can provide your body with more nutrients and improve your reproductive health.


If you’ve always thought of carbs as sneaky little devils that make you crave high-calorie foods, it’s time to reconsider. Our doctors at the best IVF Center in Mumbai suggest that healthy carbohydrates can keep you energized and fuel your daily activities. And, in turn, those who can contribute to the health of your reproduction ecosystem.


Here, we’re not referring to chips or cookies, so cross those off your list. Fatty acids and unsaturated fats, on the other hand, can benefit your health by making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients from other foods. There are also some best foods to eat after embryo transfer to promote a healthy IVF pregnancy. Healthy fats can be found in fatty fish, nuts, avocados, eggs, seeds, and many other foods.

What foods to avoid?

Uncooked seafood

If you are expecting a child, it is best to avoid eating fish unless it has been thoroughly cooked. Sushi and other raw fish are more likely than cooked fish to foster parasites and bacteria.


Do you know everything there is to know about coffee and tea? If you are, you should limit your caffeine consumption to improve your fertility. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your morning filter coffee or evening chai. It simply means that you should not drink more than two cups per day. Caffeine not only impairs fertility; it also increases the likelihood of miscarriage and makes it difficult for your body to absorb iron and calcium.

Processed sugars

Non-natural sugars and foods that have been genetically modified can disrupt the body’s natural functioning. So, if you enjoy cola, candy, and cookies frequently, you should consider substituting healthier alternatives.


Because alcohol is a diuretic, it can cause your body to excrete important nutrients such as zinc and folic acid. It also harms sperm and eggs, so if you’re trying to conceive, you should stop drinking.

IVF success rates are increasing as we learn more and technology advances. However, the odds are still stacked against those who are about to go through it. One proven way to improve your chances is to get a diet plan from the experts at the best IVF Center in Mumbai and follow the diet and give your body the best chance of conceiving.

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