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Care After ICSI Treatment


ICSI therapy includes embryo transfer, in which an egg is fertilized by a single sperm. It aids in the conception of many infertile couples. The embryo is inserted into the uterus via a tiny catheter. A pregnancy test is done after two weeks of the embryo transfer process. These two weeks waiting time is a really stressful time for the patient. People become anxious and scared that they might do something wrong which can lead to the failure of the process. Hence, many patients going through ICSI/IVF treatment at the Best IVF Hospital in Mumbai have questions like should I be lying down the entire time? Should I take time off from work? What should be my diet?

To put worries to rest here are some precautions you should take after embryo transfer in ICSI treatment:

1. Avoid Sex

It is not at all advised by the doctors at the Best IVF Center Mumbai to have sexual activity after the embryo transfer because it could result in vaginal infections. Even better, refrain from masturbating. Give your body enough time to recover, adapt, and unwind.


2. Stop Taking Caffeine

One should attempt to completely cut out caffeine if at all possible. Drinks without caffeine should be chosen instead. If you can’t, at least cut back to a daily limit of 200 mg.


3. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking—direct or indirect—all include chemicals that can be harmful to the developing embryo. They must therefore be completely avoided.


4. Eat Healthy

Stay away from unhealthy and junk meals. Eat a balanced, healthy diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, meals high in protein, and foods high in carbohydrates.


5. Avoid Heavy Lifting

Avoid doing any difficult home duties or heavy lifting. Breathe easily. When necessary, ask your spouse and relatives for assistance. Heavy lifting could make the situation worse.


6. Avoid Vigorous Exercises

Walking and light, moderate exercise is sufficient, but one should stay away from any vigorous exercise. After embryo transfer, strenuous activity and aerobics are strictly prohibited.


7. Avoid Over Bed Rest

Your chances of getting pregnant won’t increase if you’re under house arrest and spend the entire time lying on the bed; in fact, it can get worse. Although it is a fallacy, many people think that staying in bed all day helps with implantation.


8. Avoid Hot Baths & Douching

Douching and hot baths should be avoided since they can spread infections. Miscarriage may also be brought on by infections. To prevent any foreign objects from entering the vagina and creating infections, taking a shower is preferable to taking hot baths and swimming in pools.


9. Avoid Stress

According to a study, women who experience less stress following embryo transfer are twice as likely to become pregnant as other women. If a job increases your stress, take a day off.


10. Take Your Medicines Daily

Prenatal vitamins, folic acid, progesterone suppositories, or injections, all of which should be taken as directed by the doctor, should all be taken on time. These drugs provide the embryo strength and a good environment to grow in, decreasing birth abnormalities.

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As advised by the doctors at the Best IVF Center Mumbai, it’s important to remember that while adopting these embryo transfer tips will help increase your chances of getting pregnant, success is not always guaranteed. It is imperative to perform a pregnancy test when the time is right, but avoid becoming overly concerned because stress can also alter the results. A little spotting and bleeding are also typical side effects of the treatment and might not be alarming. However, it is always better to speak with your doctor for more information and comfort if you have any questions or concerns.

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