IUI Procedure, Success Rates and Cost in India

IUI Procedure


Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is a form of artificial insemination. During ovulation, washed and concentrated sperm are directly inserted into your uterus. This facilitates healthy sperm’s proximity to the egg upon its release from your ovaries. It’s a typical fertility procedure for couples or single people who want to get pregnant. In this article we will discuss the IUI procedure that we follow at our best IVF Center in Mumbai.


IUI Treatment Procedure in the Best IVF Center Mumbai

IUI involves a number of steps, which are as follows:

• Ovarian Stimulation

To stimulate ovulation, the woman is given fertility medicine, which helps to increase the number of eggs released during ovulation.


Ovulation Monitoring

To establish the ideal timing for IUI therapy, the woman’s ovulation is tracked using ultrasound and blood testing.


Sperm Preparation

The sperm sample is ready using a procedure known as sperm wash, which entails eliminating dead or slowly moving sperm cells and concentrating the high-quality sperm.



Through a small catheter, the healthy sperm is injected into the woman’s uterus.

After the surgery, the woman can be instructed to take rest for a few days and avoid strenuous activity.


How Long is the IUI Process from Beginning to End?

From start to finish, the IUI procedure takes about four weeks (or about 28 days). It lasts about as long as a typical menstrual period.

  • You (and your partner) will get a complete physical examination prior to beginning the IUI procedure, which may involve bloodwork, semen analysis, ultrasounds, and other diagnostics.
  • Some patients receive injectable treatment for up to two weeks or oral fertility medication for five days. This increases your potential for multiple egg releases and ovulation. Not everyone needs to take these medicines.
  • Insemination happens quickly. The sperm insertion takes a short while. After that, you could be instructed to lie down for about 15 minutes by your doctor.
  • Two weeks following insemination, you can test for pregnancy.

To be aware of the things you can do and avoid after having an IUI treatment, you can continue reading this blog “Do’s and Don’ts After IUI Treatment

IUI Success Rate

The success rate of IUI varies depending on a variety of variables, including the woman’s age, the cause of her infertility, and the caliber of the sperm used.

For couples whose infertility is brought on by problems with the male sperm, IUI has the highest success rate. In these situations, the male partner’s sperm can be cleaned and concentrated before being injected into the uterus, which can increase the likelihood that fertilization will be successful. For couples who are unable to conceive due to problems with the woman’s reproductive system, IUI has a reduced success rate.

IUI generally has a success rate of 10–20% every cycle, with up to 80% of couples becoming pregnant after six IUI cycles. IUI, however, has a lower success rate as a woman ages, with a success rate of just 4% for women over the age of 40.


IUI Cost in India 

IUI is a popular option for many couples because it is a relatively affordable reproductive procedure. It is seen as being less invasive than other forms of in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is a more difficult and expensive procedure.

The complexity and needs of the infertile couple are the main determinants of IUI cost in India. The typical cost of IUI in India is between Rs. 4500 and Rs. 5000 for a single cycle. You also take into account the number of IUI cycles needed to conceive a child, in addition to the IUI cost. Compared to other fertility treatments, IUI has a higher success rate and is more reasonably priced.

The finest, safest, and most efficient treatment for female infertility is intrauterine insemination (IUI). You must seek the guidance of a fertility specialist at the Best IVF Center in Mumbai to know the precise cost of the IUI treatment process. In comparison to other cities, India has the most affordable IUI treatment options.


The Best IVF Hospital in Mumbai 

The best IUI treatment in Mumbai is available at Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital’s Best IVF Center Mumbai and it is affordable as well. High success rates for our patients are offered by our cutting-edge facilities and experienced fertility specialists. Trust in us for all of your needs related to fertility, and begin your journey to parenthood today.

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