How to get pregnant faster?

‘Motherhood is a woman’s birthright and we believe every woman should have it’. Unfortunately, due to various factors, some women cannot have it very easily. It is a dream of most men and women to become parents and have children to love and care for. It is one of the greatest blessings in a lifetime to become a parent.

Here are some tips and tricks which will help you in making this dream come true!

1. Prioritize: – Increasing age of marriage, career aspirations, postponing child bearing has a great impact on fertility. As we know, woman’s age is the greatest determining factor in fertility. Her fertility is the maximum in her 20’s.It starts decreasing significantly by 35 years. So start early!

2. When to see a consultant: – A fertility physician needs to be contacted when you are unable to conceive in spite of having regular unprotected intercourse for 1 year if you are less than 35 years of age or  6 months if your are above 35 years of age.

3. Right investigations at the right time: – Hormonal profile and husband’s semen analysis are the basic investigation to be done. Rest of the investigations are done based on findings of ultrasonic evaluation. Investigations like Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and hysterolaparoscopy should be done as and when required. Thus the investigations done should be individualized, cost effective and beneficial.

4. Lifestyle management: – Changing times and complicated life style patterns take a toll on delicate human organs and their functioning. Our lifestyle, our goals, our recreation patterns are diametrically opposite to our forefathers. Conditions like premature ovarian ageing, infertility due to polycystic ovarian syndrome; male infertility etc. may be related to a disturbed lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can keep some of these disorders in check.

Eg. PCOS: – It is a genetic tendency. It can be controlled by keeping weight under check.

Treatment for many of the causes of infertility include lifestyle management, diet, exercise, addressing issues of stress management alcohol consumption, smoking etc.

5. Stress management: – Stress though not a direct cause of infertility has a profound negative impact on fertility and infertility treatment Courses like Art of living, Vipassana, psychological counseling regular yoga practices go a very long way in helping you achieve success faster.

6. Newer tests: – like AMH (Anti Mullarian Hormone), endometrial blood flow, newer sperm function tests can give us an idea about the cause for infertility.

A. AMH – is one of the most reliable tests to detect decreasing ovarian reserve. If treated promptly and correctly, a subgroup of patients benefits immensely with the treatment.

B. Endometrial blood flow: – it is a Power Doppler sonography to detect blood flow to the inner layers of the endometrium. It is like the seed and soil concept. A seed will not grow into a plant unless water percolates under the soil to reach the seed. Similarly an embryo will not grow unless blood supply carrying nutrients to the embryo is not adequate. It may be a cause for repeated IVF failures, repeated abortions.

C. Sperm function tests– can be abnormal even in an individual with normal semen analysis. It may be a cause for unexplained and recurrent IVF failures.

7. Various modalities of treatment:-

A. Ovulation induction with medicines, injections will help you achieve pregnancy faster.

B. IUI IUI is an extension of physiological process for conception which helps you have better pregnancy rates

C  IVF/ICSI :- Proper pre  IVF evaluation is the key to having high success rates in an IVF/ICSI cycle. We try and make the cycle as simple and stress free as possible.

D Donor egg program – It gives one of the highest success rates in appropriately selected  patients.

E Surrogacy: – Though a less travelled path, it is a boon for some couples who can have their own biological child. It is indicated when the uterus is absent either from birth or removed surgically for some reason, recurrent abortions, recurrent IVF failures, endometrial problems like tuberculosis of the endometrium, Asherman’s syndrome etc. or there is a debilitating medical condition which does not allow the woman to carry pregnancy

Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital provides you everything under one roof from consultation to counseling to investigations to all the various modalities of treatment. The doctors will treat you with empathy and care.

Treating infertility is our passion not our occupation and we do it with compassion  

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