Sperm Quality and Its Effect on IVF Success

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When a couple experiences fertility problems, they will consult with a fertility specialist at our Best IVF center in Mumbai and choose a fertility treatment. IVF/ ICSI is the most commonly used fertility treatment. Both the sperm and the egg are extracted, fertilized, and incubated in a laboratory before being transferred into the uterus after embryo formation. Both sperm and egg quality are critical for successful IVF.


Sperm Quality for Pregnancy

A healthy sperm count is critical for a successful pregnancy. Sperm quality is determined by the number of sperm, their motility, and their morphology. To be considered in good sperm health, an ejaculation must contain at least 39 million sperm.

So, how can one tell if his sperm quality is adequate? Do all men with poor sperm quality have trouble getting pregnant? Do all men with good sperm quality easily impregnate their partners?

This is a highly subjective matter according to the experts at our best IVF hospital in Mumbai. Many men with low sperm quality or count are successful in getting pregnant, both naturally and through fertility treatments. Similarly, men with excellent sperm health have difficulty getting pregnant with their partners.

When it comes to pregnancy, the fertility experts at our best IVF center in Mumbai believe that many factors influence a successful pregnancy, and even when everything is in the “healthy” range, natural pregnancy can still be difficult.


The Role of Sperm Quality in IVF Success

Despite the fact that sperm are extracted and injected directly into the egg in the lab, rather than swimming up the tubes and penetrating the egg, sperm quality is still critical.

If the sperm count or motility is low, IVF can help because only healthy sperm will be directly injected into the egg. Because the sperm does not have to travel up the tubes, low motility can be compensated for with this treatment as suggested by the IVF experts at our IVF Center Mumbai.

However, if the DNA quality of the sperm or the genetics of the sperm is abnormal, achieving pregnancy may take longer, even with IVF/ICSI.


Is IVF Possible with Abnormal Sperm?

Yes, with abnormal sperm, successful pregnancies are still possible. However, if the abnormally shaped sperm are numerous, it may indicate other sperm issues such as low sperm count or motility. This does not rule out pregnancy, but the IVF doctors at the best IVF Center in Mumbai suggest that it can reduce the chances of natural conception.

Unless he has a fertility problem that requires him to test his sperm and semen, he may never learn about his abnormal sperm shape or low sperm quality. When a couple chooses IVF, low sperm quality or sperm abnormalities will be identified, as semen analysis is a component of any fertility treatment.


Does Poor Sperm Affect Embryo Quality?

The impact of low sperm quality or health on the baby is one of the most serious concerns. Will it harm the embryo or have any effect on the baby if a couple conceives despite using low-quality sperm?
Some genetic causes of sperm abnormalities are passed down to male offspring. As a result, sperm count is very low, i.e., 5 million/ml genetic analysis of male is performed prior to starting fertility treatment.


Does Sperm Abnormality Matter?

So, if low-quality or abnormally shaped sperm can successfully fertilize an egg, what difference does the quality or shape make?
A large number of abnormally shaped sperm can reduce the sperm’s ability to penetrate and fertilize an egg. Aside from this possibility, the sperm’s shape has no effect on anything else.

On the other hand, if a couple’s sperm count is extremely low or non-existent, it will have a direct impact on their attempts to conceive. It may take them several attempts to conceive naturally, or they may need to use a fertility treatment or procedure to conceive.

Hence it is important to have a good sperm quality. You can read this blog “How to Improve Your Sperm Quality for IVF” and discover the suggestion given by the fertility experts at our hospital.


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