Tips to Improve the Quality of Egg for IVF Naturally


Overview of How to Improve the Quality of Egg for IVF Naturally

Women frequently wonder whether there is a natural or ‘at home cure’ for improving egg quality, fertility, and pregnancy rates. Our doctors at the best IVF center in Mumbai explain what you can do to ensure that your eggs are as good as they can be when preparing for IVF or conception.
The quality of the egg is a primary cause of infertility in women. The quantity, quality, and availability of these eggs impact the quality of the embryo and the viability of the pregnancy. Poor egg quality is caused by a decrease in ovarian reserve and is typical in women over the age of 35. While it is a significant issue, it is never addressed until they are about to become pregnant or are already pregnant.

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The Significance of Egg Quality

When eggs are fertilized with sperm, egg quality is critical because it promotes the formation of a robust embryo. A high-quality egg increases the chances of the embryo implanting in the uterus. Simply said, higher-quality eggs result in higher-quality embryos, which lead to healthy pregnancies. The capacity to fuse with sperm and have the requisite number of chromosomes are crucial properties of a good quality, healthy egg. It could possibly be because the egg lacks the energy to split after fertilization and hence cannot survive.


How to Improve Egg Quality?

Here are some natural tips suggested by our fertility experts at the best IVF hospital in Mumbai for boosting egg quality for IVF and conception.

1. Eat Healthy

One of the strategies to have high-quality eggs is to be in good overall health. It is affected by what you drink and eat. According to research, fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods can assist improve fertility. Make sure to eat only nutritious foods and avoid sugary and processed foods high in saturated fats. Caffeine and alcohol usage should be limited because they can impair fertility. Aside from eating well, it is also recommended to take supplements that aid in egg production. Melatonin, vitamins A and E, and fish oil also improve egg quality.


2. Boost Blood Flow

The supply of oxygen-rich blood to the ovaries is essential for the health of the eggs. Staying hydrated with at least 6 to 8 glasses of fluid every day can help enhance blood flow. Exercise promotes blood flow because a strong heart helps to provide optimal circulation throughout your body. Massage treatment and yoga can also assist in blood flow improvement.


3. Manage Stress

Excessive stress can interfere with ovulation. Cortisol and prolactin are stress hormones. These hormones disrupt the egg formation process. To increase egg quality, the first and most important step is to reduce stress. Yoga, meditation, exercise, or a warm bath can all help to reduce stress.


4.Stay Away from Smoking and Alcohol

Women who are trying to conceive or undergoing IVF should avoid smoking and drinking as suggested by the experts at out Best IVF Center Mumbai. Smoking accelerates egg loss in the ovaries. Furthermore, the toxic compounds in these cigarettes alter the DNA in egg cells, rendering them unviable for fertilization. Women have fewer eggs as they age, therefore it is preferable to maintain healthy eggs away from dangerous toxins.


5.Take Supplements

There’s no need to spend a fortune on vitamins, but three low-cost solutions can aid with egg health: coenzyme Q10, melatonin, and fish oil. CoQ10 can improve egg quality by increasing mitochondrial function and antioxidants – 300 mg, once daily, melatonin can increase antioxidants, encourage ovarian function, and aid in sleep – 3mg each evening, and fish oil (EPA/DHA) can help produce higher quality eggs and improve reproductive function in advanced maternal age – 200-1500mg EPA + DHA daily, do not exceed 3000 mg/day. It is important to take the supplements under the guidance of the doctors at our IVF Center Mumbai.


6. Freeze Your Eggs

If you want to postpone parenting, the best approach to protect your fertility is to pause your biological clock and freeze your eggs. Natural fertility falls with age, but frozen eggs retain the same biological age as when they were cryopreserved, increasing your chances of future success.


7. Maintain a Normal BMI

Obesity is a common cause of infertility and poor egg quality. Obesity can cause hormonal imbalances as well as ovulation disruption. Maintain a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9, which is the recommended weight for a healthy pregnancy.

Overall, healthy lifestyle practices are among the natural approaches to improving egg quality. Everything from food to exercise and good sleep habits has a role in naturally boosting egg quality. Aside from that, consuming supplements advised by our doctors at IVF Center Mumbai may help increase egg quality. Therapies, nature walks, and other stress-relieving hobbies may also be beneficial.


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